Servicing MYANMAR Since 1991

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Hain Brothers Company Limited

HAIN BROTHERS COMPANY LIMITED was established as a fully owned Myanmar Private Company limited under the corporate laws of Myanmar in 1990 with the primary objective to provide high quality Integrated Services, Sub Marine and Marine Cable Service, Catering Service and other required general services to petroleum and gas industries.

HAIN BROTHERS COMPANY LIMITED is in the business of rendering general services to Oil Exploration companies such as crew recruiting for foreign marine service companies and purchase and supply of stores, Sub marine and marine cable services, catering services and housekeeping services in onshore and offshore operations.

Other Business

  • Drilling Rigs Mobilization and Demobilization (On/Off Shore)
  • Locating, Negotiating and Supervising Barges (Both FG andInland River)
  • By roads transport – trucks, cranes, dozers.Locating, Construction,
  • Preparation works for OnShoreBase Camp and Drilling Sites,Living Quarters
  • Act as purchasing, servicing and clearing agent.
  • Ships chandelling and supply of provisions
  • Power Electrical Installation Services & Construction Services
  • Mobile Fibre Installation Support
    • Technical Site Survey or Site Acquisition or Designing
    • Aerial Fibre Optic Cable Installation
    • Fibre Cable Splicing and Testing
    • Underground Cable Laying
    • Fibre Maintenance services
    • Other Related Telecom Services
  • FTTX Specializing in Installation, Testing, Commissioning & Network Design services
  • Construction and maintenance of BTS house and Tower Erection
  • Beach Landing
  • CLS Equipment Installation
  • Shore End Management
  • Turnkey Project Management

Our Mission

We are truly committed to offering our customers and clients a professional and quality service. True satisfaction, safety and reliability are hall marks of our operations and our employees are devoted and dedicated to realizing these objectives. As a service providing company, we provide full services to our customers and clients and we make sure them to accomplish their working projects with any difficulty by joining us. In addition, we take full responsibility and accountability on the projects which are run by us and using advanced technology with professional technicians.

Worldwide link of markets, skilled technicians who are familiar with modern technology, modern tools and equipment, concerted strategies, exceed promise, strategic alliances and management make successful of our company during these twenty years.Many years experienced in service providing field and successful projects make our company to stand in market with glorious dignity and our experienced staffs and managements make sure to us in future when compare with others.

It is toward this goal, that we have established and developed our enterprise and trained our employees to natured our culture of high performance and complete trust from our clients.One of our pillers of our main corporate policy is to contribute to the growth and development of the Oil and Gas Industry& Communication Industry in Myanmar concomitantly the energy sector for overall development of Myanmar National Economy.