Servicing MYANMAR Since 1991

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Power Installation services
Power Installation Services
Telecommunication related services
Telecommunication related services

Submarine/ Cable Laying Services, Tower/Generator Installation Services and Annual Maintenance Services

Ship provision supply service
Ship provision supply service

We have an Extensive Range of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables from all Parts of the Globe Frozen Foods Such as Local & Imported Lamp, Beef, Pork Poultry, Sea Foods, Halal Certified Meats ...

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Ship Agency

“HAIN BROTHERS COMPANY LIMITED” is a ABS Certified Organization which has been providing various services to both On/Off shores sector of our highly demanding and unique industries since 1991

About Us

HAIN BROTHERS COMPANY LIMITED was established as a fully owned Myanmar Private Company limited under the corporate laws of Myanmar in 1990 with the primary objective to provide high quality Integrated Services, Sub Marine and Marine Cable Service, Catering Service and other required general services to petroleum and gas industries.

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